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Annoyances of the Week

These are my top three annoyances of the week ending Saturday June 24, 2017.  Yes, I know it is now Sunday.  Bear with me.

  1. Firecrackers.  People are setting them off everywhere and at all times of the day.  It is not the 4th of July.  It is obnoxious to being setting those off all ready.  People also seem to be more obnoxious about their patriotism.  Like, they weren’t like that the rest of the year but they sure are now.  Then when 4th of July is over the flag t-shirts and bandanas will go back in boxes.  I am not patriotic at all because I don’t like that fake bs.

2.  People giving up their animals over stupid shit.  I work with many shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries.  I realize things happen.  I have no issue with people who get evicted or sick and can’t care for their animals.  My issue is with those who say; “I have no time for (insert pet name here)”.  Then why did you get the pet? The worst for me this week was a woman who claimed she had to give up her cat because she was running a babysitting business out of her home, and the state said she couldn’t have a cat.  If that were true than no one with children could have a cat.  It was just a fucking excuse to dump an animal who didn’t do a damned thing wrong.

3.  The healthcare bill.  I am not really worried about myself and my Medicaid.  I am worried about those who don’t fall into certain categories but under Obamacare have been able to qualify for Medicaid.  What are they supposed to do? I think everyone should have Medicaid or Medicare.  Health care is a human right.  It isn’t something you should have to pay for.  It isn’t something you should have to work for.  You shouldn’t have to fit into special categories to get it.  Education is free and public.  Health care should be the same.

Asian-American Band The Slants Wins Supreme Court Case Over Their Name | Care2 Causes

The Supreme Court has ruled that The Slants can trademark their name, even though it’s a racial slur. This could spell trouble for Redskins opponents.

Source: Asian-American Band The Slants Wins Supreme Court Case Over Their Name | Care2 Causes