I was reading an article about how Black Lives Matter activist Charles Wade has been arrested on sex trafficking charges.  I pointed out on Facebook that the whole thing is suspicious because he put an ad on Backpage for a 23 year old girl, but a 17 year old shows up; age of consent in Maryland is 17; and it was part of a larger sting operation.  The whole thing seems like entrapment…and take it from an activist, my guess is it was.

Charles Wade is part of a movement that no one wants to admit is needed.  Yes, ALL lives matter, but in the eyes of the justice system, black lives matter the least.  The so-called “sting” operation is no different from when the FBI was spying on Martin Luther King during the civil rights movement.  It is no different from when the government harassed anti-war protesters during Vietnam, or when they put them on the no-fly list in recent years.  It all traces back to one thing…if you are against what the establishment is for, you are the enemy.

Take it from an activist with 20+ years experience in animal rights, animal welfare, and human rights…the government doesn’t like anyone who goes against the status quo.  The hate people who think outside the box.  They especially hate facts.  Put them in their place and you are labelled a terrorist.  You are put on a no-fly list.  Your phone is tapped.  Charles Wade is no more a human trafficker than Trayvon Martin was a thug.  The fact is that the government is once again trying to destroy a movement that simply wants justice.

Author: Stacie M Stark

Activist with 25 years of experience in human and animal rights and welfare. Specializing in children's rights and issues, LGBT rights, and companion animal welfare and rights. Member and always will be of Amnesty International, Best Friends Animal Society, and PETA. Mom, queer, vegetarian. Hello Kitty and Disney Princess collector. Cat lover. Sagwa fan. I want to live at the public library.

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