I am a cat person.  I love how house cats are so cuddly.  They stay little (for the most part) so you can treat them like babies.  You can rock them and love on them.  The only dogs you can really do that with are the small breeds, and they don’t seem to react well to being picked up like that.  All cats are interesting no matter what their size.

Tigers are incredibly endangered.  You used to be able to find them all over Asia.  Now they have lost 93% of their original range, and there are only about 3,900 left in the wild.  There are six species of tiger; many other species are extinct.  Loss of habitat, poaching, and habitat fragmentation has led to this.  There are more tigers in captivity than in the wild, but this is sad in itself.  A life in the zoo, in the circus, or as a pet when you belong wild and free is no life.  There is also the problem of inbreeding among captive tigers, which means even in captivity they are still endangered.  Then, there is the wildlife trafficking.

The Tiger Temple in Thailand is a place where Buddhist monks and tigers live together.  You can visit the temple for a small fee.  I used to want to do this, until I realized that tigers belong in the wild and I would rather see them there.  Over the years, the Tiger Temple has been accused of mistreating the tigers and selling them.  Just recently, Thai officials found the bodies of 40 tiger cubs in a freezer at the Temple.  61 tigers have now be moved from the Temple by Thai authorities.

I still want to see a tiger, but not in a place where they are being exploited for personal gain.  I will visit a reputable sanctuary or I will save up and visit tigers in their natural habitat.  I refuse to visit a place where tiger cubs are stolen from their mothers just so tourists can take a selfie.  It is time humans stop manipulating and abusing these majestic creatures.





Author: Stacie M Stark

Activist with 25 years of experience in human and animal rights and welfare. Specializing in children's rights and issues, LGBT rights, and companion animal welfare and rights. Member and always will be of Amnesty International, Best Friends Animal Society, and PETA. Mom, queer, vegetarian. Hello Kitty and Disney Princess collector. Cat lover. Sagwa fan. I want to live at the public library.

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