Sleep…why does it evade so many of us?

The fact is that I could be a better sleeper.  I am trying to make it a goal to get to bed by 10:30 pm and get up by 6:30 am.  This is especially important because next week I start my new first shift job.  I am extremely excited about this, especially since I will finally be out of food service.  I also like to get up early.  However, I also like to stay up late.

Take today.  Last night I laid down around midnight.  I tried to go to sleep right away but my mind wouldn’t turn off, so I watched Pinocchio on my smart phone.  I still didn’t fall asleep until almost 1 am.  Then, I woke up for a few minutes at 5:40 am for no reason.  I fell back asleep, but had to be up at 7 am to finish cleaning apartment because we have inspections this week.  Not that my apartment is gross, but I like it to be clean and organized when it is being looked at.

I was going to take a nap, but that is pointless because it will just throw my sleep off tonight.  We have become a nation of people who do not get enough sleep, for whatever reason.  This isn’t good, since sleep helps the body heal and can prevent illness.  Many of us are overstimulated to the point of insomnia.  Most of us are too stressed to sleep.

People call this progress.  It doesn’t feel like it to me.

Author: Stacie M Stark

Activist with 25 years of experience in human and animal rights and welfare. Specializing in children's rights and issues, LGBT rights, and companion animal welfare and rights. Member and always will be of Amnesty International, Best Friends Animal Society, and PETA. Mom, queer, vegetarian. Hello Kitty and Disney Princess collector. Cat lover. Sagwa fan. I want to live at the public library.

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