Florida has laws that make no sense.  They want people to work yet allow employers to blackball people.  They have no laws protecting women from being assaulted during childbirth.  They will take your child away from you just based on your doctor saying you were too vocal during labor, even though it was his fault because he turned off your epidural so he could assault you.  Yet crack whores are allowed to keep their kids.  If you need help as a single mom, forget it.  Especially if you can’t cooperate with child support.  You and your child will be out on the street with no help.   Florida is a place where you will get in trouble if your neighbor antagonizes your dog and the dog goes after that neighbor.  What is allowed in Florida? Cousin marriage…as long as it isn’t with your gay cousin.


Author: Stacie M Stark

Activist with 25 years of experience in human and animal rights and welfare. Specializing in children's rights and issues, LGBT rights, and companion animal welfare and rights. Member and always will be of Amnesty International, Best Friends Animal Society, and PETA. Mom, queer, vegetarian. Hello Kitty and Disney Princess collector. Cat lover. Sagwa fan. I want to live at the public library.

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