I’m Baaaack

Miss me?

Donald Trump aka Adolf Hitler seems to forget that we are all immigrants.  All of us come from refugees.  What he is doing is racist.  He is a racist moron.  No wonder rednecks like him so much.  He claims those he is banning are terrorists.  He should take a look in the damn mirror.  #NotMyPresident.

National Guard is now pointing “observational” missile launchers at DAPL protesters.  Explain to me how you observe someone by pointing a military-grade weapon at them? It is bad enough to have to deal with tear gas, flash bombs, and idiot cops at protests, now activists have to deal with possibly getting shot to the moon.  Welcome to Trump’s America, where demanding clean water will get you blown to pieces.

To all females everywhere, especially our young girls.  Over my dead body is a group of men who call themselves Christians going to take our access to birth control and abortion.  Children are wonderful, but no one should be forced to complete a pregnancy.  I have had an abortion and I am not ashamed.  It is funny to me that Trump and his cronies want to ban abortion but also cut funding to birth control and welfare.  So, basically they want to expand the homeless population.  Cause we all know we need a lot more children on the street.

As for his LGBTQI policies.  There is no way I am going back into the closet.  Those of us in the LGBTQI community have come a long way.  We refuse to go back.


Author: Stacie M Stark

Activist with 25 years of experience in human and animal rights and welfare. Specializing in children's rights and issues, LGBT rights, and companion animal welfare and rights. Member and always will be of Amnesty International, Best Friends Animal Society, and PETA. Mom, queer, vegetarian. Hello Kitty and Disney Princess collector. Cat lover. Sagwa fan. I want to live at the public library.

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