Sharks Aren’t Scary. We Are.

It is best to leave sharks-and any wild animal for that matter-alone, but people don’t seem to heed this.

Sharks have gotten a bad reputation, thanks to movies like “Jaws” and the fact that sometimes humans do stupid things that makes us look like sea turtles, leading sharks to think we are food and “attacking” us.  It is best to leave sharks-and any wild animal for that matter-alone, but people don’t seem to heed this.  This is not to mention the other stupid things humans do in the ocean, like polluting it and cutting off sharks’ fins for soup.

The ocean was the only thing about Florida that was even remotely beautiful.  Too bad that every time I went to the beach I had no choice but to leave my shoes on because people want to litter.  I was not lucky enough to see a shark up close, although I was in the water often and am sure they were nearby.  They minded their business, and I minded mine.

Sharks are like any other member of the animal kingdom.  They are deserving of rights and respect.  In their case, we need to protect their environment, stop believing the myths, and stop slaughtering them to make soup.  The best thing we can do in general is remember that we need sharks.  Losing them would completely change the ocean ecosystem, and not in a good way.  They may not be “cute” (although my daughter would say different) but they need protection.

There Is Nothing Like

Watching Disney movies to clear your head

Watching Disney movies to clear your head.  I am currently watching the live-action version of Alice in Wonderland.  Before this, I watched Lilo & Stitch.  Not only does watching Disney Movies help me bond with my daughter, it also relaxes me.  Activism is stressful work.  It seems easy, but remember that besides the fact there is no pay, there is also no retirement.  No real days off.  No end to the needs of others.  Rights will always need protecting, long after we are gone.  That is why we must teach our children well.  That is also why we must watch Disney movies as a form of relaxation, so we can live long enough to do that teaching.

My goal is to live to a healthy 100 or more.  I really don’t do anything that unhealthy, so my chances are good.  However, my stress is very high.  Again, this is where Disney movies come in.  Simply put, they make me feel better about the world and about myself.  There is always a happy ending.  It gives me hope for the future.

There Is Not Enough

I want to go to sleep now, but am also hungry.

Time in the day to do everything I want to do.  Plus, I kept getting sidetracked, so I really have no time to do a proper blog.  It sucks when people deny the rights of others.  Also, anyone who hurts animals or abuses kids is a jackass.  I am a pacifist in principle but I will take out anyone I see hurt a kid or an animal.  I believe in alternative living that helps the environment.  I hate genocide and hate that the U.S never steps in to help unless oil is involved.  I want to go to sleep now, but am also hungry.


I Hate SeaWorld

SeaWorld’s claim that their orcas wouldn’t survive in a seaside sanctuary has got to be a joke

I really hate SeaWorld.  I do not understand why that place is still open.  Yet again, they have gotten in trouble for the way they treat their animals.  This time an orca got hit in the chin by a trainer and the trainer tried to hide it.  Never mind that the wound was bleeding.

Between the beatings, the imprisonment, the forced breeding, oh and did I mention the inbreeding? What the orcas and the other animals at SeaWorld face on a daily basis is torture.  It is disgusting.  No normal person can possibly think that what they do there is good for the animals.  Yes, they are phasing out their breeding program, but they still continue to lie about what is best for the orcas.  SeaWorld’s claim that their orcas wouldn’t survive in a seaside sanctuary has got to be a joke

Orcas belong in the ocean.  SeaWorld belongs in a history book, under a chapter entitled; “Stupid things people used to do to entertain themselves”.

I Don’t Understand It

Doesn’t killing someone who killed someone pretty much justify what the person did?

The death penalty.  I don’t understand it.  I have never-will never understand the concept that it deters crime to kill people who have killed people.  I don’t understand how that would make sense.  Doesn’t killing someone who killed someone pretty much justify what the person did? How does the death penalty actually punish anyone?

I was reading an article today on Care2 about how the United States is one of the only developed countries to still have the death penalty.  Not only is this not anything to be proud of, the Democratic Republic of the Congo-a country that has been torn apart by a 20+ year civil war and by numerous human rights issues-has abolished the death penalty.  I want to know how they can manage to do that, but the United States can’t.  In our case, race most likely places a factor.  There are more black males on death row in the United States than any other race or sex, and it is becoming obvious that the prison industrial complex and the Republic Party are involved in a conspiracy to imprison black males as a way to destroy black families and black society.

Do I believe in punishment? Absolutely, but the death penalty isn’t a punishment.  For those who have been convicted of a crime they didn’t commit, it is torture.  For those who did commit a crime, the death penalty is nothing more than a release from their punishment.  This is not to mention that it not only targets black males, it targets minorities and poor people in general.  Trust me, you will never see Kim Kardashian sitting in the electric chair.

I find it odd that we can other countries Third World and yet the U.S. is the one allowing the government to legally murder their own citizens as a way to deter crime.  Maybe it is time we stop talking about how “developed” we are as a nation and start realizing that our justice system is broken.

We Need Bats

We need bats

I was reading an article today about how bats are dying from white-nose syndrome, and how it will take bats years to build their populations back up.  Bats all over the U.S. are suffering from this illness, which is caused by a fungus.  It basically suffocates the bats.  Not only is it sad for the bats, it is sad for us.

We need bats.  Bats eat insects.  Without bats, we would have to resort to chemicals to kill insects, which is not just cruel to the insects, it is bad for the environment and for our health.  It is not our place to kill insects, but it is certainly a job for bats.  Bats naturally control insect populations, so we don’t have to use cruel and poisonous methods.  A world without bats would be a buggy world, indeed.

Some say bats aren’t cute.  I disagree, but I digress.  Being cute has nothing to do with your importance or even if you are important at all.  We need bats, but even if they had no use that doesn’t mean they would deserve half of the things people believe about them.  They don’t fly into your hair.  They don’t turn into vampires.  They don’t suck blood.  Yes, vampire bats suck blood, but not human blood.  Bats can be a vector for rabies, but so can stray dogs.

We need bats.  We need them so we don’t all catch malaria.  We need them so we don’t all catch the Zika virus.  All animals-even the ones the bats eat-are a part of our world and need to be respected.  Saving bats means saving the environment.  It means saving us.

Rick Scott Is A Walking Dick

Rick Scott claims he created jobs and is getting people back to work. What about the people on the blackball list?

Rick Scott is a dick.  This man is ruining Florida, not that Florida was doing so good before.  I lived there and all that state is a racist, homophobic, backwards, inbred, redneck hell hole.  People there are homophobic and think it is ok for 13-year-old girls to marry their cousins.

There is a blackball list in Florida.  I was put on this list after I got fired from Arby’s in Titusville, FL for filing a harassment complaint.  This means I can never work in that state again, which is fine with me since I would never move back there if you paid me to.  I had always planned to move back to Iowa, and spending five years in Florida with no job was enough to send me packing real quick.  Rick Scott claims he created jobs and is getting people back to work.  What about the people on the blackball list?

Rick Scott also refused to expand Medicaid.  When I was in Florida the only time I got Medicaid was when I was pregnant, and all it covered was a few checkups, one ultrasound, and my epidural-thank god.  Here in Iowa both my child and I have Medicaid and it covers EVERYTHING.  Here in Iowa, anyone who qualifies based on income can get Medicaid.  In Florida, you can’t because Rick Scott refused to expand Medicaid plus has made stupid rules for getting it.

Florida is truly the trashcan of the South, and Rick Scott is king of the garbage men.