I Don’t Understand It

Doesn’t killing someone who killed someone pretty much justify what the person did?

The death penalty.  I don’t understand it.  I have never-will never understand the concept that it deters crime to kill people who have killed people.  I don’t understand how that would make sense.  Doesn’t killing someone who killed someone pretty much justify what the person did? How does the death penalty actually punish anyone?

I was reading an article today on Care2 about how the United States is one of the only developed countries to still have the death penalty.  Not only is this not anything to be proud of, the Democratic Republic of the Congo-a country that has been torn apart by a 20+ year civil war and by numerous human rights issues-has abolished the death penalty.  I want to know how they can manage to do that, but the United States can’t.  In our case, race most likely places a factor.  There are more black males on death row in the United States than any other race or sex, and it is becoming obvious that the prison industrial complex and the Republic Party are involved in a conspiracy to imprison black males as a way to destroy black families and black society.

Do I believe in punishment? Absolutely, but the death penalty isn’t a punishment.  For those who have been convicted of a crime they didn’t commit, it is torture.  For those who did commit a crime, the death penalty is nothing more than a release from their punishment.  This is not to mention that it not only targets black males, it targets minorities and poor people in general.  Trust me, you will never see Kim Kardashian sitting in the electric chair.

I find it odd that we can other countries Third World and yet the U.S. is the one allowing the government to legally murder their own citizens as a way to deter crime.  Maybe it is time we stop talking about how “developed” we are as a nation and start realizing that our justice system is broken.

We Need Bats

We need bats

I was reading an article today about how bats are dying from white-nose syndrome, and how it will take bats years to build their populations back up.  Bats all over the U.S. are suffering from this illness, which is caused by a fungus.  It basically suffocates the bats.  Not only is it sad for the bats, it is sad for us.

We need bats.  Bats eat insects.  Without bats, we would have to resort to chemicals to kill insects, which is not just cruel to the insects, it is bad for the environment and for our health.  It is not our place to kill insects, but it is certainly a job for bats.  Bats naturally control insect populations, so we don’t have to use cruel and poisonous methods.  A world without bats would be a buggy world, indeed.

Some say bats aren’t cute.  I disagree, but I digress.  Being cute has nothing to do with your importance or even if you are important at all.  We need bats, but even if they had no use that doesn’t mean they would deserve half of the things people believe about them.  They don’t fly into your hair.  They don’t turn into vampires.  They don’t suck blood.  Yes, vampire bats suck blood, but not human blood.  Bats can be a vector for rabies, but so can stray dogs.

We need bats.  We need them so we don’t all catch malaria.  We need them so we don’t all catch the Zika virus.  All animals-even the ones the bats eat-are a part of our world and need to be respected.  Saving bats means saving the environment.  It means saving us.

Rick Scott Is A Walking Dick

Rick Scott claims he created jobs and is getting people back to work. What about the people on the blackball list?

Rick Scott is a dick.  This man is ruining Florida, not that Florida was doing so good before.  I lived there and all that state is a racist, homophobic, backwards, inbred, redneck hell hole.  People there are homophobic and think it is ok for 13-year-old girls to marry their cousins.

There is a blackball list in Florida.  I was put on this list after I got fired from Arby’s in Titusville, FL for filing a harassment complaint.  This means I can never work in that state again, which is fine with me since I would never move back there if you paid me to.  I had always planned to move back to Iowa, and spending five years in Florida with no job was enough to send me packing real quick.  Rick Scott claims he created jobs and is getting people back to work.  What about the people on the blackball list?

Rick Scott also refused to expand Medicaid.  When I was in Florida the only time I got Medicaid was when I was pregnant, and all it covered was a few checkups, one ultrasound, and my epidural-thank god.  Here in Iowa both my child and I have Medicaid and it covers EVERYTHING.  Here in Iowa, anyone who qualifies based on income can get Medicaid.  In Florida, you can’t because Rick Scott refused to expand Medicaid plus has made stupid rules for getting it.

Florida is truly the trashcan of the South, and Rick Scott is king of the garbage men.

Human Trafficking Is Everywhere

Human trafficking victims can be any race, sex, or age.

Tonight I went to an event about human trafficking at a local church.  I went because even though I have been a human rights activist for many years, I wanted to learn more about how human trafficking is effecting my own state of Iowa.  I am also a sucker for any kind of activist-related event, whether it be a lecture or a protest.

The lecture I went to was a very family friendly, informative, non-graphic presentation of what human trafficking is and how it affects everyone.  A common misconception among Iowans is that it doesn’t happen here.  The lecturer pointed out that not only does it happen here, we are also at the center of major cities with high trafficking rates, like Minneapolis and Omaha.  Another misconception is that the victim can escape or that they choose to stay.  Due to physical, sexual, and psychological abuse this is not true.

Human trafficking victims can be any race, sex, or age.  Most are females.  The lecturer spoke about how in the case of sex trafficking many view these people as prostitutes and therefore criminals.  He said we need to distinguish between those who choose to be prostitutes, and those who are prostituted.  Also, we need to stop thinking human trafficking only involves the exchange of money and people.  Sometimes, people are sold for drugs.  This is especially true in the case of Iowa Dr.  Joshua Wade Payer, who exchanged prescription drug scripts for sex slaves.

The lecture was very informative and I am sharing a link to the webinar here.  It is time we stop worrying so much about drug trafficking and start worrying about those who are trafficking in human lives.  Unlike drug users, these victims have no choice.


World Rat Day

On this World Rat Day I want to reflect on my pet rat Melanie.

Today is World Rat Day.  Yes, it does seem like we have a holiday for everything.  In this case, it is justified, at least in my book.  I love rats.  They are one of my favorite animals.

On this World Rat Day I want to reflect on my pet rat Melanie.  I had her when I lived in Florida and she was one of the only bright spots of my time in that hellhole of a state, besides my kids of course.  She was a gray rat and I named her after the character in Gone with the Wind.  She was sweet, affectionate, and loved to sit on my shoulder or inside my hood.  She even got along with my cats and would groom them.  Melanie also is the cleanest pet I ever had and would act upset if I was a little late cleaning her cage that day.

Unfortunately, Melanie got cancer.  This is fairly common in domesticated rats.  It broke my heart having to euthanize her.  To this day, I miss having a rat as a pet and I miss Melanie something fierce.  I want to get another rat friend, however the place I live now is not a fan of rodents.  I am against pet discrimination rules like this for the simple fact that not everyone is a dog or cat person.

Rats are a very misunderstood animal.  Yes, wild rats can be dangerous and do carry diseases.  However, they are also shy creatures who really try to avoid people if they can help it, and who are excellent mothers known for teaching their babies things like how to take a bath.  Domesticated rats are often judged by their wild cousins, and worse are often used for experiments.  I guess the feeling is that it is; “just a rat”.

Anyone who ever met Melanie would tell you that “just a rat” does a disservice to these awesome animals.  If you had known her, you would know why I say this.  She was unique and loved life.  Who can hate a creature that wants to sleep on your neck and eat leftover fruit?


It is really interesting because many-myself included-consider people who identify as asexual to be part of the LGBT community.

I have made it my goal to write for 20 minutes a day.  10 minutes on here, and 10 minutes in my private diary.  The length of each passage will be different.  It mostly depends on what I have to talk about and really just how quickly I type or in the case of my personal diary, write.  Yes, some people do still enjoy writing with a pen on paper and than hiding their dairy away, and then when they are done with that diary storing it away to pass on after they die.

I am watching a documentary on my tablet right now called (A)sexual.  I am watching it for free through my free subscription to Hoopla via Cedar Falls Public Library.  If you don’t know what Hoopla is, Google it.  Anyway, (A)sexual is about, well, people who are asexual.  People who have no sexual attraction to anyone.  It is really interesting because many-myself included-consider people who identify as asexual to be part of the LGBT community, yet when the people in this movie went to a pride parade they were either laughed at, treated with disdain, or with outright hostility.  I expect better from my LGBT community.  We all have our own labels and if we don’t want heterosexuals judging us we shouldn’t be judging our fellow LGBT.

OK so it past midnight now so it is technically Monday, but this is my Sunday entry.  Since I am still within my 10 minutes I also want to direct everyone to Ashley Mardell on YouTube.  She has some really educational videos, look particularly for; “The ABCs of LGBT” and “The ABCs of Gender”.  I really learned a lot about myself from watching these videos.  She also has one about asexuality which I can’t think of the name but watch it to educate yourself.