Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. Male and female…and other. Biological, stepdad, and adopted. Alive and…not. To all of you…you are awesome. For those of you who are fathering a child who isn’t biologically yours…you are awesome. For those dads who are having to share their child…you are awesome and selfless and thank you for knowing a child can never have too much love. For all my friends who have a dad in Heaven (or whatever you believe) I feel ya today. To all of my friends in the LGBT community…isn’t it awesome to have come so far and be able to celebrate a holiday like this?

Happy Father’s Day everyone!!!



Sleep…why does it evade so many of us?

The fact is that I could be a better sleeper.  I am trying to make it a goal to get to bed by 10:30 pm and get up by 6:30 am.  This is especially important because next week I start my new first shift job.  I am extremely excited about this, especially since I will finally be out of food service.  I also like to get up early.  However, I also like to stay up late.

Take today.  Last night I laid down around midnight.  I tried to go to sleep right away but my mind wouldn’t turn off, so I watched Pinocchio on my smart phone.  I still didn’t fall asleep until almost 1 am.  Then, I woke up for a few minutes at 5:40 am for no reason.  I fell back asleep, but had to be up at 7 am to finish cleaning apartment because we have inspections this week.  Not that my apartment is gross, but I like it to be clean and organized when it is being looked at.

I was going to take a nap, but that is pointless because it will just throw my sleep off tonight.  We have become a nation of people who do not get enough sleep, for whatever reason.  This isn’t good, since sleep helps the body heal and can prevent illness.  Many of us are overstimulated to the point of insomnia.  Most of us are too stressed to sleep.

People call this progress.  It doesn’t feel like it to me.



This summer my learning project for my daughter is to learn basic biology.  We are concentrating on the biological kingdoms:animals, plants, protists, bacteria, fungi, viruses.  I have always found taxonomy fascinating and I love sharing my knowledge with her.

I am learning two things so far.  First, as an animal activist I have always known we need to protect all animals, whether they are helpful to us or not.  Yes, this includes parasitic animals.  Even they have their place, although preferably not in my house or (yikes) in my person.  However, I am also learning that all life has its place.  Yes, humans are members of the animal kingdom and thus protecting animals should be our focus, but we need to protect the environment for all life.  A plant disappearing is just as bad as an animal disapearing.  We need “good” bacteria and “good” viruses.  Protists provide soil and water with nutrients.  Fungi are yummy to eat…yay mushrooms! The fact is that all life keeps other life on Earth in balance.

The second thing I am learning is that I wish girls were given more opportunities in science.  I have always loved biology but in school didn’t do well in it.  I really wish schools would help girls see that science includes them too.  STEM is a good step, but more needs to be done to encourage girls to become scientists.  Here is hoping my at-home summer program does that for my daughter.



I am sitting here letting my daughter do my hair and it makes me think about how all the people killed in the Pulse shooting have families.  The shooter has a family.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all of them.  I feel as bad for the family of the shooter as I do for the families of the victims.  They are all going to be mourning.

I also saw that Seth McFarlane is calling for a ban on automatic weapons.  I am a huge “Family Guy” fan.  I love Seth.  I agree with what he is saying, except I am also a hood rat.  I know that banning those weapons isn’t going to get rid of them.  Technically cocaine is illegal but you can still find it in the hood.  The same applies to weapons.  It is a nice thought, though.  What we really need is a ban on hate.

That too is a dream.



Here are my thoughts on the shooting at Pulse, the gay nightclub in Orlando.  I lived in Florida for 13 years and though I have never been to Pulse, I had heard of it.  There is a lot of homophobia in Florida.  In fact, I had to move because I got fired from my job for being gay and than got blackballed throughout the state and for that reason so can never work there again.  You can also be denied housing and have your children taken away from you for being gay in Florida.  So, yes it is like many other Southern states in that respect.

Yes, a person of Muslim extraction was the shooter.  Yes, he had possible ties to terrorism.  Does that make all Muslims terrorists? Does it make all Muslims homophobes? No to both.  That is simply what HE was connected with and what HE thought.  There are terrorists and homophobes in every religion.  There are people out there twisting the Bible, Koran, etc and trying to call it religious freedom and saying that they are being discriminated against because giving us LGBT people our rights somehow violates their right to be a bigot.  However, the vast majority of people use religion for good, not evil.

This was a hate crime, pure and simple.  He hated gay people and my guess is that he hated himself.  Homophobia is fear.  It is the fear that you are gay yourself, so you need to attack and hate gay people to feel better about yourself.  I have no problem with Muslims and in fact if you are going to blame this on his religion please don’t be my friend, follower, etc.  There is nothing worse than a bigot and if that is you we can’t be friends.

Bigotry of any kind is wrong.  It is not patriotic.  It is not what Jesus, Allah, etc would want.  My heart goes out to the victims and their loved ones.



I am sitting here watching “Cats and Dogs:The Revenge of Kitty Galore” with my daughter while also trolling Facebook.  While doing so I came across a slideshow entitled; “21 Hilarious Photos Of Cats Being Shamed For Their Crimes”.


While I have to admit that cat-or dog or hamster, for that matter-shaming is funny, there was one photo I didn’t find funny.  It showed a black cat and the sign said; “I went out and partied all night and now I am pregnant”.

It is not the cat who should be ashamed in that situation.  It is the owners.  They should be ashamed for not getting the cat fixed.  Most likely, those kittens will end up at the shelter.  The excuse will be that they couldn’t find homes for them.  Maybe they will find homes through the shelter, maybe not.  It could all have been avoided if their cat had simply been fixed.

Also, am I the only one who realizes that this version of “Cats and Dogs” has an anti-animal testing message? Just saying.



I am against zoos. I think they should be turned into sanctuaries. Yes, I have been to zoos. Yes, I recently took my daughter to a petting zoo. However, I stand by the idea that zoos need to be turned into sanctuaries.

I am certainly for the saving of wild species.  However, I don’t see how constantly exposing an animal to the public and keeping it in a small cage will save the other animals who are still in the wild.  Yes, zoos breed the animals, which creates more of them so if they are endangered I guess that is good.  However, those animals can’t be released back into the wild.  Also, babies generate money for zoos.  That is incentive enough not to release them.  This doesn’t even touch on what can happen to the older animals, everything from being fed to a predator, to being sold to a roadside zoo.

Instead of imprisoning and breeding animals in zoos, we need to focus on saving their habitat.  On protecting them in the wild.  I realize that the animals already in zoos can’t be released into the wild, but we shouldn’t breed them.  Zoos should be turned into sanctuaries.  People should only be allowed to visit if they do so as a volunteer.

This post was inspired by this segment of BBC Earth’s Tigers About the House.  While I find what the Australia Zoo is trying to do to save tigers to be wonderful, I also find the whole situation to be sad.  Baby tigers being hand raised by humans.  Having to be introduced to adult tigers, including a female who has never been near cubs but who is it obvious likes the babies.  The whole situation isn’t ideal, and we have poachers to thank for it.